Bag Ban Update, Environmental Approvals, Economic Impact Study


Bag Ban Update, Environmental Approvals,
Economic Impact Study of Bag Bans

by Pete Grande, CEO of Command Packaging


As many of you know, I have devoted a great amount of energy and time to ensure that legislators are aware of alternative solutions to simply banning products they don't like, such as plastic bags. Waste and litter issues are very important, however, the status quo is not an acceptable solution. While we take the position that bag bans create unintended consequences that do more harm than good, we understand the need to offer our customers an environmental, yet cost-effective alternative that meets both the legislated requirements and business needs. The following highlights some of our activities and information to help you and your customers make the best environmental choice.

We make it a priority to ensure alternatives to a Chinese reusable bag mandate are heard in every bag ban debate across the country.

As a result, all bag ordinances include language allowing thicker reusable plastic bags as an acceptable reusable bag alternative. Command Packaging is currently the only manufacturer with the certification by a California State approved third party testing laboratory that validates our reusable bags meet the reusable bag requirements.

Statement of approval for Command's bags from San Francisco's Department of the Environment:

''Command Packaging has provided us third party documentation certifying that their Ameritote and Super Wave reusable bags meet San Francisco's reusable bag specifications. Based on this information, we would consider these bags compliant with the ordinance.'' ~ City of San Francisco Department of the Environment

Majority of the communities across the U.S. accept the minimum 2.25 mil thick gauge as a reusable bag alternative. There are only a handful of communities that require 3.0 mil to 4 mil gauges. Specifics can be found in our Bag Ban Update link now available on our website at (or give us a call, we can help):

San Francisco Stamp of Approval

Latest study on the ''Economic Affects of Plastic Bag Bans in Los Angeles County'' is also available on Command's website under Environmental Reports.Click here to download the report directly

Image of Made in the USA Bag

''Made in the USA'' is important to promote and support

LA County and many other communities are requiring the manufacturer's name and country of origin be printed on the bags to help differentiate the made in the USA bags (Command's bags are ALL made in the USA).

Additionally, with the downturn in the economy and growing concern regarding imports, made in the USA products are preferred by consumers. The Ralph Lauren controversy for choosing to supply the U.S. Olympic uniforms made in China is one recent example of American consumers' frustration with the lack of support for U.S. manufacturers. Click here to read the article (

Bloomberg's Business Week once reported so eloquently, ''Made in USA still means something...U.S. is still the world's leading manufacturer and in most of the world, Made in the USA is still synonymous with quality and high value.''

Command Packaging's Mission Statement:

We are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible provider
of premium and cost-effective products.


Give us a call, we can help you choose the best environmental solution for your area: 800.996.BAGS (2247)

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