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KTLA NEWS: LA Plastic Grocery Bag Ban Obstacles and SmarterBags, Reusable Options.
Pete Grande addresses the LA Plastic Grocery Bag Ban. SmarterBags, Reusable Grocery Bags are the best environmental, low cost grocery bag solution.

New Encore Recycling plant diverts millions of AG plastic
Encore Recycling will create 500 green jobs and recycle millions of pounds of agricultural plastic. Listen to the local news interview with Pete Grande.

Are you being told the truth about plastic bags?
Watch the short video about the unsupported claims and myths on plastic bags.

Recycling Plastics by marpo
Watch entertaining educational movie clip about recycling plastic and his take on how industry and goverment should work together to create more recycling opportunities instead of wasting resources to ban bags.

Watch the Plastic Bag Debate from Huff Post
Stephen Joseph, Save the Plastic Bag Coalition challenges misinformation about plastic bags and encourages recycling to decrease waste.

KFWB Radio - Listen to Pete Grande, CEO
Listen to Pete Grande (Command Packaging's CEO) and KFWB Radio talk about the California plastic bag bans. Hear his view on the imported reusable bags from Vietnam that may have been made with used syringes. Choose made in USA True Reusable Bags...
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Made in the USA Products
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Made in the USA products
76% more likely to make a purchase after noticing the ''made in the USA'' claim. Read more...

TRENDS, Industry Case Studies and More
In our hunt for trends and examples of successful campaigns, we found a common thread that resonates loudly from businesses and consumers - we are all looking for change. In a time when we can no longer afford to waste, we must maximize our opportunities, achieve optimal efficiencies, and deliver sustainable results for our jobs, our businesses, our communities, and our homes.

News Spotlight

Survey find, "going green" motivated by saving green, not the planet. 84 percent of survey respondents value the cost savings generated by sustainability initiatives more than their environmental impact ~ Alix Partners LLC - Read more...

SF Weekly reports on the effects of the ban 1 year later,
"Politicos made the enviros happy by banning plastic bags, but left more pollution and cost" Read more...

Boston Globe: In praise of plastic.
Plastic is misunderstood and it's the human behavior that has caused the pollution. (Download PDF)

Wall Street Journal: An Inconvenient Bag
Explore a case study on how tricky it is to make products environmentally friendly. Read more...
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Command Packaging is a ZERO WASTE, U.S. manufacturer of quality, innovative restaurant bags, retail bags, reusable bags...

As an official recycler, we can close the loop in the life of your restaurant bags, retail bags, reusable bags... by turning your plastic trash into new bags over again. We try to recycle everything, from inks, water, employees' trash - to make sure that we are continuously diverting materials and waste away from the landfills.

As our industry's leading innovator, we work with our customers to develop bag solutions to fit their unique applications.

Closed loop recycling
Watch the Closed Loop Process

''Awarded most innovative vendor''
~ The Cheesecake Factory
''Most innovative bag developer''
~ Havi Global Solutions (McDonald's Purchasing)

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