Restaurants and Retail Shops are Exempt from LA City's Bag Ban


Restaurants and retail shops are exempt from the LA bag ban.

The Los Angeles Bag Ban on single use disposable bags will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014, at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Los Angeles City Bag Ban targets the thin plastic and disposable paper bags offered at grocery stores and pharmacies. Retail stores that do not carry groceries, snack items or pharmacueticals are NOT affected by this ban. Restaurants are NOT affected by this ban.

For the grocery stores and pharmacies affected, the thicker 2.25 mil gauged plastic bags are considered reusable alternatives to imported non-wovens that do not always meet U.S. manufacturing standards and practices.

Retail stores affected (grocery stores, markets, foodmart, convenience stores, pharmacies): Retail stores with retail space of 10,000 square feet, a pharmacy, and with a self self-service retail store with gross annual sales of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00), or more, that sells a line of dry grocery, canned goods, or nonfood items and some perishable items must offer a reusable bag solution or charge a $0.10 fee for a recyclable paper bag. Affected stores must also send a report showing the total number of recyclable bags provided on a quarterly basis to the Department of Public Works.

Studies have shown that businesses do not enjoy charging fees to customers for disposable paper bags as most, regardless of who is to blame for the rules, have faced disgruntled customers and loss of business. Read the report on the aftermath of the LA County Bag Ban by the National Center for Policy Analysis >>

Visit our dedicated site on specific information about bag bans:

Command Packaging ensures that our bags meet all regulations and reusable alternatives to bag bans are approved by city officials. Command's Encore Recycling, reusable options, and the recycled materials sourced from the agricultural industry is the closed-loop waste reduction model to end the debates on paper and plastic. Make sure your bags include the Encore brand to show your company's commitment to reducing waste.
Read the feature article that tells more about why Encore is the solution to reducing waste: ''Encore, ending paper & plastic bag debate...'' from the Orange County Register, read now >>.


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