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Dynamic partnerships

Partnering with local farmers, Encore Recycling® each year collects, washes, and recycles up to 100 million pounds of agricultural plastic that would otherwise get sent to landfills. It’s a program that sets the standard for a sustainable, closed-loop recycling system.

In addition to numerous independent growers, several multi-national brands work with us to ensure their plastic is collected and recycled.




State-of-the-art facility, continuous plastic supply

Our plastic recycling facility in the Salinas Valley provides Command Packaging with the material used to create our bags. This recycled plastic is used across products to meet customer requirements for post-consumer recycled materials. The fully recyclable bags create a continuous loop of sustainable plastic supply, thus keeping more plastic out of landfills.



Reduce waste & long-term costs

Sustainability doesn’t need to cost more. Doing the right thing for the environment without increasing your bag costs is possible with Command Packaging. Here’s how we do it:

  • Contain costs with an ample supply of recycled plastic.
  • Control prices with vertical integration.
  • Store more product in smaller areas; plastic takes up less space than paper.


Increase efficiency and profitability with a smarterbag solution.
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