Nationwide Bag Ordinance Compliant

  • smarterbags are SB 270 compliant

    smarterbags are compliant with California's statewide single- use bag ban law by being made with a minimum of 40% Encore® certified PCR,  designed for at least 125 uses, and available in the mandated gauge thickness of 2.25 mil.  

  • Local ordinance compliant 

    smarterbags are able to meet the varying requirements in local ordinances across the country. Stay up to date on bag ordinances using Command's tools online.  

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Reusable and Recyclable

  • smarterbags are truly sustainable

    smarterbags are the result of a truly sustainable approach to recycling farming plastic. We partner with local farmers to collect, wash, and recycle up to 100 million pounds of agricultural plastic waste each year -- plastic that would otherwise fill California landfills.

  • Closed loop recycling at its best

    smarterbags offer grocers a low-cost sustainable solution with the first US made grocery bag developed from Encore® recycled farming plastic. From farm to grocery store, it's closed loop recycling at its best.

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Manufactured in the USA

  •  Over 30 years in business 

    smarterbags are made locally from farming plastic used in Salinas, CA. Unlike many other reusable bags, smarterbags are made and sourced in California.

  • Choose to support US manufacturing

    By choosing smarterbags, you are helping to expand job opportunities in the US.

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"We're innovating ways to make them [grocery bags] better and changing perceptions about their shortcomings." - Pete Grande, CEO

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