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  • Sustainability Doesn't Have
    to Mean a Ban on Profits:

    In a time when extravagance and waste are considered distasteful, consumers are attracted to reduced prices, value propositions that make life easier, and features that benefit the environment. Your sustainability practices provide a path to profits like never before.

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  • Simply, a smarter bag

    Finding a sustainable solution that benefits grocers, consumers, and the environment, while complying with local ordinances requires a team of experienced packaging experts and the latest technology. Find out how we designed the first ever, truly sustainable grocery bag that customers love and provides the grocer a path to improved profitability.

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  • Long-Term Cost Controls
    Through Vertical Integration

    Command Packaging is the only reusable grocery bag manufacturer controlling 100% of its supply of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. The resulting cost control enables our customers to enjoy competitive prices and long-term price stability.

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Why Smarterbags?


recycled reusable grocery bags Discover how choosing smarterbags can help shoppers save money and the environment.

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Reusable Bag Checkout Program


reusable grocery bags Smarterbags provide grocers a holistic communication solution: consumer signage, ad opportunities, clerk training tools, bag ban kits...

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CA State Wide Bag Ban Latest News

Referendum suspends California's bag ban

reusable retail bags LA Times Editorial: Californians must show their resolve on plastic-bag ban. Read More >>>

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